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Strike Zone – Rules & Scoring:


Strike Zone can be played with two or more players. The rules are also nearly identical to standard baseball.

  1. Select “Games” then “New Game” in the Mobile App to track the score. 
  2. Decide who bats first with a coin toss. 
    1. The “visiting” team will bat first. The “home” team will pitch first. 
  3. Enter the name for two teams with their corresponding status (i.e. home or visiting) and the number of innings you want to play.
  4. One team will pitch the ball by pulling the trigger on the pitcher. 
    1. Pitched balls must aim directly for the strike zone. 
  5. The other team swings the bat by pulling the lever on the batter’s round.
  6. Record the result of the swing/pitch (i.e. ball, strike, out, home run, base-hit) in the mobile app. (Any player can record the score, or you can choose a designated score keeper.)
    1. If a batter gets a base hit, an icon will appear on the baseball diamond in the app that shows what base the runner is on.
    2. Whenever a run is scored, the scorecard will be updated once you’ve recorded the result of the swing/pitch.
  7. Repeat steps 4 - 6 until the game is complete.


You can easily record every part of the game within our mobile app. As the game moves forward and you gain hits, the app itself will display an icon when you have a player on a base.

Record a "Strike” when a batter swings and misses and:

  1. The pitched ball goes through the strike zone.
  2. Note : It is not a strike if the pitched ball does not go through the strike zone.

Record a “Ball” when:

  1. A pitched ball falls short, touching the ground before it’s within reach of the batter.
  2. A pitched ball flies outside (on any side) of the strike zone.
  3. A pitched ball hits the Batter body
  4. When a batter receives 4 balls, the will be awarded a walk to first base/1-hit.

Record a “Foul”:

  1. When the batter hits the ball, but it travels behind the foul lines.
    1. Fouls are recorded as strikes, until the batter has 2 strikes. Any fouls occurring after the batter has 2 strikes are not recorded.

Record an “Out”:

  1. When a batter hits a ball, and it directly touches a fielder BEFORE it touches the field.
  2. When a batter has 3 strikes.

Record a “Hit”:

  1. When a batter hits a ball, and it lands on the field. (It doesn’t matter if the ball happens to touch a fielder after it has landed.)
    1. This is considered “Single Base Hit”, so choose “1”.
  2. When a batter hits a ball that lands on the field, then rolls outside of the field.
    1. Record the number the ball travelled through at the boundary of the field. (Either “2”, or “3”)

Record a “Homerun”:

  1. When the batter hits a ball out of the field without it touching the field.
    1. The ball must also fly out in front of the foul lines.
    1. Any ball hit behind the foul lines (even if it flies out of the field) are counted as a foul.

Additional Detail

  1. 3 strikes are 1 out.
  2. Fouls are counted as a strike, unless/until there are already 2 strikes.
    1. Any fouls occurring after a batter has 2 strikes are not counted.
  3. 4 balls are a walk to 1st Base/1-hit.
  4. 3 outs are the end of the batting side’s half of the inning.
  5. The game ends when all the selected number of innings have been played.
    1. You can choose how many innings to play on the mobile app.

Mobile App Scoreboard Features

The Mobile App allows you to record your game scores, and you can also use it take pictures and videos of the game. You can later revisit the gallery, and see images and videos from the last 10 games that have been played. You can also tag your images/videos, so you can search them by category.

You also have the option to UNDO or REDO the last 10 actions you have taken. This helps to UNDO any wrong button you might have selected by mistake (e.g. pressing 2 instead of 1 or Strike instead of OUT.)